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How a composable architecture and a headless CMS are the basis of exponential results

Degroof Petercam is a Belgian-rooted reference investment house built on more than 150 years of integrated financial knowledge. They create responsible prosperity for all by opening doors to opportunities and accompanying our private, corporate and institutional clients with expertise.

How it started: “Could a headless CMS make us more flexible?”

The marketeers at Degroof Petercam were intrigued by the opportunities a headless Content Management System (CMS) could offer them, allowing them to combine their separate blog and corporate website in one platform as well as support the creation of multiple campaign sites throughout the year.

This would simultaneously be an opportunity to freshen up the brand and lay the foundation for a design system and a truly scalable brand in line with the composable architecture strategy of Degroof Petercam.

How it turned out: a solid foundation as the essential condition for scaling up

As is so often the case with the proverb, well begun is half done. Within the first three months of working together, Degroof Petercam launched its first blog including an extensive content model, as well as a component library and front-end implementation.

We continued to launch the corporate website next with fully integrated blog and three different campaign websites shortly after. Over the same period, we made the content model more scalable, paved the way for content authors to build dynamic collections and add dynamic content blocks, and added a fully custom personalisation layer.

“We can very quickly deploy landing pages or other new content and distribute it. That’s not something which has historically been the case for us. So, for the business side, Contentful has been a very obvious benefit.” - Marketing team, Degroof Petercam

We can very quickly deploy landing pages or other new content and distribute it. That’s not something which has historically been the case for us. So, for the business side, Contentful has been a very obvious benefit.

Lizelot P.
Project Manager
at Degroof Petercam

What we worked on

A better blog

We started with the basics (but better). We built a new blog platform with a component library and a quite extensive blog content model. Then we integrated the blog in the corporate website and improved the content model by including smart features and dynamic content to make the work for the marketing team as effortless as possible.

Multi-channel content management

The introduction of ‘channels’ allowed us to work on the development of the corporate site while the blog remained in a separate channel until the corporate site was ready to go live. At the same time, this setup allowed Degroof Petercam to spin up separate campaign websites using the same content model and components.

Dynamic & personalised content model

With the launch of the corporate website, Degroof Petercam's marketing team could include multiple layers of dynamic content. Content authors can create collections with dynamic content that are automatically updated when a new entry is published while taking into account a layer of personalized content as well.
Both were created without the use of any additional platforms, and are currently managed entirely through the content model and data layer.

Two Point O is a client-oriented but at the same time a solution-oriented company that does not evade its responsibilities. They set themselves up as a true partner where they show their willingness to go the extra mile and do better every time. Add to that a transparent and open communication and you understand why we love working with them and will continue to do so.

Evert W.
Head of Digital Marketing
at Degroof Petercam

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