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Arvesta shapes the future of agriculture through their expertise and smart farming solutions, giving farmers the means to grow and stand their ground in a global market. With 2300 ‘Experts in the field’ and over 40 strong brands, Arvesta is the knowledge centre for all things agriculture.

How it started: “Can we consolidate all of our websites into one content management system?”

The marketeers and IT department at Arvesta were intrigued by the opportunities their content management system, Contentful, could offer them. They were curious to see if their cost efficiency and content management efficiency could be further improved by moving all their websites to one Contentful space and align the content models for all brands.

How it turned out: a revised content management structure that saves costs and improves organisational efficiency

Our priority in this project was to ensure that Arvesta could lay the foundation for future organizational efficiency. Because all their websites are managed on one platform and use the same design elements and content management structure, content managers across all teams work in a unified way. This makes the organization more efficient in the long run and makes life easier today for content managers who are responsible for managing more than one brand.

An additional advantage of this new set-up is that Arvesta saves a considerable amount of money by using only one platform with one license fee instead of having their websites spread over several platforms, each with their own licensing costs.

Two Point O is a partner with strong technical knowledge that thinks along with Arvesta but also collaborates to achieve short- and long-term goals. Two Point O also ensures the necessary continuity of Arvesta's multibrand contentful setup.

Tine A.
Digital Marketing team lead
at Arvesta

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What we worked on

Automated content migrations

To reduce the amount of resources needed from Arvesta during the migration, our team worked hard on creating an extended version of the Contentful migrations engine with many improvements. This allowed us to migrate the first twenty three websites towards one single space in Contentful while keeping the content exactly the same.

Commerce website with headless content

Arvesta opted for a composable architecture for their new webshop Aveve. Product management is done via Magento, content management via Contentful. Thanks to the APIs and some custom content types, content managers can easily import products from Magento and enrich them with additional content in Contentful.

Improved efficiency & training

With the launch of the trading website, the content model has been revised and optimized to improve editor efficiency. We also delivered multiple training sessions and included extensive documentation so that all content managers could get started right away.

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